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Buy Rick Simpson Oil RSO As SUPPOSITORIES from and gain from unlimited health benefits.

60mls for 30 Days

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The actual fact is that they are not tampons, they are instead called suppositories. Also, Suppositories are made from cannabis and can be very good game-changers, especially for people suffering from severe pelvic pain . The pains are often those experienced in endometriosis. Also, RSO SUPPOSITORIES are a very unique way to use cannabis. This makes RSO SUPPOSITORIES fall into the categories of mucosal consumption methods. Furthermore, unlike tinctures that are absorbed by the oral mucosa, RSO SUPPOSITORIES are absorbed by the mucosa either in the vagina or in the rectum

 Also, like much other cannabis, the knowledge behind cannabis suppositories is a little bit doubted. Even though local research has led to the possibility that more than 75 percent (75%) of bioavailability of THC can be achieved systematically through rectal administration. However, much of this was reduced by the first-pass effect, meaning little to no psychoactive experience felt by patients. This makes suppositories a great option for patients with pelvic pain who would prefer to avoid the psychotropic effect of cannabis or those with difficult-to-treat pelvic pain.



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