Does CBD Oil Cause Smelly Feces? Understanding the Impact of CBD on Digestion

Does Cbd Oil Cause Smelly Feces, CBD oil, derived from the cannabis plant, has gained widespread popularity for its potential health benefits. From pain relief and anxiety reduction to improved sleep, many users swear by its effectiveness. However, as with any supplement, it’s important to understand the potential side effects. One question that arises is: Does CBD oil cause smelly feces?

What is CBD Oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. Unlike THC, it doesn’t get you high. Instead, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system in your body, which helps regulate various functions, including pain, mood, appetite, and digestion.

How CBD Oil Affects Digestion

CBD oil can influence the digestive system in several ways:

  1. Gut Motility: CBD may help in regulating bowel movements. Some users report either relief from constipation or a reduction in diarrhea symptoms.
  2. Inflammation Reduction: CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can potentially alleviate conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s disease.
  3. Microbiome Balance: There is some evidence suggesting that CBD could influence the gut microbiome, which plays a crucial role in digestion and overall health.

Can CBD Oil Cause Smelly Feces?

The short answer is: It’s possible, but not common. Here’s why:

  1. Changes in Diet and Supplement Intake: Introducing CBD oil into your routine might coincide with other dietary changes, which can affect your digestion and the smell of your feces. For example, if you’re also increasing your fiber intake, this can lead to more pungent bowel movements.
  2. Interaction with Gut Bacteria: CBD may alter the gut microbiome, leading to changes in digestion and stool odor. A healthy gut microbiome typically results in less foul-smelling feces, but an imbalance can have the opposite effect.
  3. Digestive Sensitivity: Individuals react differently to supplements. Some people may have a sensitive digestive system that reacts to new substances, including CBD oil, resulting in temporary changes in stool odor.

Managing Digestive Side Effects

If you notice smelly feces after starting CBD oil, consider the following tips:

  1. Monitor Your Diet: Keep track of any other dietary changes that might be contributing to the issue. Ensure you’re consuming a balanced diet with adequate fiber, water, and probiotics.
  2. Adjust Dosage: Sometimes, the body needs time to adjust to a new supplement. If the problem persists, try lowering the dosage and gradually increasing it as your body adapts.
  3. Consult with a Healthcare Professional: If you experience significant digestive issues or prolonged changes in stool odor, it’s best to consult with a healthcare provider to rule out any underlying conditions.


While CBD oil is generally well-tolerated and offers numerous potential benefits, it can cause changes in digestion, which might lead to smelly feces for some individuals. Understanding how your body reacts to CBD and making necessary dietary adjustments can help manage this and other minor side effects. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement to ensure it’s safe for you.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil’s impact on digestion varies from person to person. While it may cause smelly feces in some cases, this side effect is not widely reported and can often be managed with simple adjustments. If you’re considering CBD oil for its many benefits, being informed about potential side effects is crucial for a positive experience.

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