The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Cheapest RSO Oil: 10 Grams of Quality and Affordability

Cheapest RSO oil 10 Grams, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) has gained significant attention in recent years due to its purported medicinal benefits, especially in the realms of pain management, cancer treatment, and overall wellness. As more people explore the potential of RSO, finding affordable yet high-quality options becomes crucial. This article focuses on how to find the cheapest RSO oil, specifically in 10-gram quantities, without compromising on quality.

What is RSO Oil?

RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil, is a concentrated form of cannabis oil developed by Rick Simpson, a medical marijuana activist. Unlike other cannabis oils, RSO is known for its high THC content and full-spectrum extraction, meaning it retains a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds found in the cannabis plant. This makes it particularly potent and effective for various medical conditions.

Why 10 Grams?

Buying RSO oil in bulk, such as in 10-gram quantities, is often more economical than purchasing smaller amounts. Additionally, for those using RSO as part of a daily treatment regimen, having a larger supply on hand ensures consistent dosing and uninterrupted use.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest RSO Oil

  1. Research Reputable Brands:
    Start by researching well-known and reputable brands. Look for companies that provide third-party lab testing results to ensure their products’ potency and purity. Brands with positive customer reviews and transparent practices are typically more trustworthy.
  2. Compare Prices:
    Once you have a list of potential brands, compare their prices. Many websites and dispensaries offer RSO oil, and prices can vary widely. Check for any bulk purchase discounts or special promotions that might reduce the overall cost.
  3. Check Online Dispensaries:
    Online dispensaries often have lower overhead costs compared to physical stores, allowing them to offer more competitive prices. Additionally, many online retailers offer discounts for first-time customers or for subscribing to their newsletters.
  4. Look for Sales and Discounts:
    Keep an eye out for sales events, holiday promotions, and discount codes. Signing up for newsletters from several dispensaries can keep you informed about upcoming deals. Some dispensaries also offer loyalty programs that can save you money in the long run.
  5. Consider Local Dispensaries:
    While online options are convenient, don’t overlook local dispensaries. They might have special in-store promotions or be willing to price match online competitors. Visiting a local dispensary also allows you to ask questions and get personalized recommendations from knowledgeable staff.
  6. Buy Directly from Manufacturers:
    Sometimes, purchasing directly from the manufacturer can save you money. Some companies offer direct sales through their websites, eliminating the middleman and potentially lowering costs.
  7. Bulk Purchase Discounts:
    Look for dispensaries or manufacturers that offer discounts on bulk purchases. Buying a larger quantity upfront can lead to significant savings per gram.

Potential Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Too Good to Be True Prices: If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Extremely low prices might indicate a lack of quality control or even counterfeit products.
  • Lack of Lab Testing: Always choose products that have been tested by a third-party laboratory. This ensures the oil’s potency and safety.
  • Hidden Fees: Be mindful of hidden fees such as shipping costs, which can add up and negate any savings from a lower price.


Finding the cheapest RSO oil in 10-gram quantities requires a bit of research and comparison shopping. By focusing on reputable brands, comparing prices, and taking advantage of sales and bulk discounts, you can find affordable options without sacrificing quality. Always prioritize products that offer transparency through lab testing to ensure you are getting a safe and effective product. With these tips, you can enjoy the benefits of RSO oil without breaking the bank.

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